Future of Cryptocurrency

BAZ is a new generation ERC20 deflationary currency that prevents against financial manipulation and market volatility with several real-life use cases. BAZ is rare not only in its deflationary mechanism but limited number of tokens supply and fair distribution

What Makes Bazooka Unique?

Bazooka is an ethereum based self-destructing token, which burns 2% on each transaction made. The more transactions that take place around the world, the faster circulation of BAZ tokens will decrease over time. With a major focus on adoption, BAZ was designed to be used in E-gaming, sports betting and e- commerce.

The value of bazooka has strong growth potential based on its very limited supply, deflationary mechanism and various real-life use cases. The tokens would be fairly distributed to the crypto community through Airdrops and future bounties. .

BAZ Whitepaper

Our Features

The initial bazooka projects will be built through the bazooka network of developers and are designed to add value to the system both in providing the utility of the BAZ token and providing a variety of ways that benefits people who hold BAZ tokens.

Sport Betting

A community-owned sport-betting platform, all profits are paid out daily to members that stake BAZ tokens. Focused on fairness and sustainability, Bazooka has a huge strategic advantage over its competitors in the space because BAZ tokens rise in value

P2P Betting

The Bazooka P2P betting platform will provide the medium for anyone to make a bet at any time on anything – capture and book it via smart contract, and exchange BAZ upon completion.


By creating betting markets for users to wager on e-sports and BAZ wallet plugin that any game developer can implement to allow in-game wagering between opponents, we can help tap into an underserved market that has a large overlap with cryptocurrency. E-sports will be an extension of our P2P betting market.


A simple and secure wallet, where Users can safely store, receive and send tokens. Our mission is to make bazooka safe and accessible to everyone, we will design our wallet from the ground up with a very simple and user friendly interface, without sacrificing the privacy and security experienced users expect.

Developers Hub

BAZ developer’s hub will have multiple game creation SDKs/API and test network for 3rd party game developers can upload their work. Developer’s hub is also where developers can collaborate with other designs and developers to create content, games, and work on projects to deliver to the community.


E-commerce Decentralised Crypto shopping is finally a reality- Enjoy a simple and immediate shopping experience with your tokens. Buy goods and services directly from the brands you like without traditional fiat currency. We are closing terms with several leading e-commerce platforms to provide direct liquidity in the crypto world.


Start learning about BazToken with interactive tutorials. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!

Step 1

Buy BAZ tokens on exchange.

Step 2

Decide if to hold or use for gaming.

Step 3

Sell to a new or existing investor, make a profit, and decide when to buy again.


Buy, Sell and Trade BAZ tokens on the following exchanges

Road Map

Updated 2019 road map

  • Q1 2019

    • Conception of idea
    • Seed fund raised
    • Development team recruited
    • Bazooka development begins

  • June – July 2019

    • Web and contract development
    • BAZ ERC20 token deployed
    • Community reward program phase 1
    • Beta version of website release

  • Aug - sept 2019

    • White paper released
    • Full website roll-out
    • Community reward program phase 2
    • exchange listing

  • Oct – Nov 2019

    • Casino beta testing
    • Alpha release
    • Top 50 exchange listing
    • Development of wallet

  • Dec 2019

    • Wallet release
    • Launch of spinning program
    • Solidifying industry partnerships
    • Marketing

  • 2020

    • bazooka sports betting
    • bazooka p2p betting
    • bazooka API released for 3rd party developers
    • E-sports/ E-gaming integration
    • Mobile IOS and Android
    • Developers hub

  • 2021

    • bazooka sports betting
    • bazooka p2p betting
    • bazooka API released for 3rd party developers
    • E-sports/ E-gaming integration
    • Mobile IOS and Android
    • Developers hub